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Crystal Salt
Sheri A.

Our daughter was struggling with reading and showing signs of dyslexia. When our daughter first started tutoring she was anxious and had a hard time sitting still. She was a very nervous reader because it caused so much anxiety. She would fidgit with her hair, rock her body back and forth and she would mumble. A year later our daughter is reading with confidence and loudly and clearly! Her confidence has caused her to excel in so many areas. We couldn’t be more proud! Sherri is patient, kind, and full of wisdom. We are certain anyone obtaining her services will be very happy. Sherri has lots of experience will all kinds of childhood struggles, learning and otherwise. My best advice would be to be very honest about your child’s educational and behavioral struggles and she will give you tried and true advice and guidance. 

Crystal Salt
Traci DeAngelis

My son just turned 8 years old and is going into 3rd grade. Sherri has been working with him in language arts for about 8 months now and we have seen really great improvements in his reading and spelling skills. He started with her very far behind grade level with very low confidence in his reading skills. My son has a hard time with retaining spelling words and confidence in reading that he wouldn’t really try. Since working with Sherri his reading ability has drastically increased but even better, his confidence has really shot up. Instead of thinking he can’t do it, he tries now and usually has great success in reading material he never thought he could before. Sherri does a great job at explaining how our language works so he can understand how and when to apply different spelling concepts. In listening to the sessions I have learned so much more than I ever knew about our language! Lastly, since Covid has started Sherri has done a great job switching her lessons over to Zoom. She offers a lot of interactive activities to keep it fun and engaging for my son as well as assign online games he can play for homework to reinforce new and old concepts. We’re very grateful for Sherri’s work with Ryan and the relationship they have created.

Crystal Salt
Francesca Harper

Sherri Masler is an OUTSTANDING Tutor!! I would recommend her to ANYone who is in search of dedicated and efficient teacher. She has gone above and beyond! Sherri tracked down a fantastic program to cater to our child’s specific needs. She is the only one who has been capable of reaching him on a level that no one else has achieved and she did this all online! Even on a computer screen, she manages to keep my child’s undivided attention and keep him positively engaged with fun and entertaining exercises. I can’t imagine what she would be capable of in person. This is more than a job to her and she genuinely cares about her students trying all avenues to achieve learning goals. She will stop at nothing to ensure your child progresses. Not only that, but she is flexible and willing to work with you to meet your personal scheduling needs and time constraints. I can’t thank you enough Sherri for everything that you have done for my son and I can’t wait to see what new tricks you have up your sleeve!

Crystal Salt
Hafeeza Armstrong

Mrs. Sherri has been truly a blessing to work with in tutoring our soon to be 4th grader with reading, writing and spelling. We saw our daughter’s reading fluency level soar in just 3 short weeks of working with Mrs. Sherri, as well as major improvements in spelling and vocabulary. Our daughter is becoming much more confident with reading out loud, as opposed to shying away from this prior to working with Mrs. Sherri. Mrs. Sherri’s soft and friendly approach make learning fun and her teaching techniques make reading principles easy to retain. It’s remarkable to see how much our daughter actually looks forward to each of her weekly tutoring sessions. The easy-to-follow learning techniques set our daughter up for success with every assignment as well as with new weekly challenges. We highly recommend Mrs. Sherri to anyone looking to further their child’s reading ability and take them to the next level. We look forward to working with Mrs. Sherri in the coming months and throughout the school year. Thank you Mrs. Sherri for helping our little girl learn to love the gift of reading!

Crystal Salt

When my daughter was diagnosed with ADHD & Dyslexia in the 3rd grade, I felt lost and unsure of where to turn for help. She was well below her grade level for reading, and programs I was finding that focused on Dyslexia were so expensive. When I found Sherri online, and saw that she had experience with Dyslexia, and reasonable rates, I knew we had to give it a shot. Sherri had on-line sessions with my daughter twice a week (even through the summer), using a few low-cost tools that we purchased, to help facilitate the sessions. And just shortly after the 1 year mark of tutoring, my daughter had caught up to her grade level! I was shocked. Now, after about 2 and a half years of tutoring, she is consistently measuring slightly above average in reading! It’s a day I didn’t think we would ever see, but I am so so grateful to Sherri for helping us get there. Do not hesitate to hire this woman. She just might change your child’s life. When I asked my daughter what she likes the most about Sherri, she said “She’s not just my tutor, she’s my friend”.

Crystal Salt
Luz Martinez

Our experience with Sherri Masler has been fantastic. Our child struggled with reading fluency and decoding skills, but since working with Ms. Sherri we have seen significant improvement in  his reading skills and confidence. Ms. Sherri has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with children and has been able to tailor the lessons to meet our child’s individual needs.

Ms. Sherri has been patient, encouraging and positive. She offers tips and strategies for us to reinforce the learning at home.

Overall, we are extremely happy with Ms. Sherri's tutoring services and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a supportive and effective tutor for their child.

- Luz Martinez

Crystal Salt
Jessica Chang

I called it a lucky day when I first met with Sherri over the phone. She was extremely knowledgeable and full of helpful advice. Sherri began tutoring my 10 year old son with autism and ADD in Jan 2022. Sherri has been patient, creative, and flexible working with my son. Her incredible knowledge of reading and comprehension fundamentals was pivotal to my son's growth. I am grateful for the work that Sherri has done with my son and the progress my son has made under her guidance.

Crystal Salt
Margo Szkurat

She is the best teacher ever. Before I tried other teachers, but I didn’t see any progress. She is helping my son with math and ELA. My son loves to work with her, always helpful and professional! I highly recommend Sherri!

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