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Unlock Your Child's Potential

Expert Orton Gillingham and EBLI Reading Intervention

About Us

Sherri Masler is dedicated to helping students unlock their full potential. Since 2006, Sherri has provided personalized tutoring services in reading, writing, spelling, and handwriting intervention. She is on a mission to address learning differences in each student by creating customized learning experiences. Let Reading and Dyslexia Solutions help your child thrive!


Sherri is an excellent tutor for my 9 yr old daughter for improving her reading and handwriting skills. My daughter has ADD and is performing below her grade level. Sherri uses Google Classroom for classwork and homework assignments. She has various methods to keep my daughter interested in the subject. She has a systematic approach to fill in the gaps for my daughter's reading skills. My daughter's teacher sees improvements in her reading since the 1st trimester. Speed improved from 43 words/minute to 92 words/minute. Comprehension improved from 25% to 70%, and I know it will continue to get even better. I'm very happy with Sherri's service. Thank you for doing a great job!​

Your tutoring services impacted Landen not only academically, but emotionally. Academically you helped his SRI score go from a zero, to over one thousand, along with getting him into honors classes once he entered junior high. Emotionally you helped build his self esteem and made him realize he was capable of anything he put his mind to. Your services exceeded our expectations. We couldn’t have been any happier, and we’d absolutely continue recommending your services to others. You’re different than other tutors because you care about your students and do absolutely everything to make sure they succeed from your services. You’re constantly building the students up, while challenging them at the same time.I could go on and on for days about all the wonderful qualities you have. You have forever changed Landen’s academic path, and we can’t thank you enough. You have a heart of gold, that does nothing but genuinely give to others. We’re so blessed to have had you by Landen’s side, and we’re forever grateful.

We are very grateful to have been referred to Miss Sherri! My son has worked in the past with speech therapists and sounding out letters correctly. We started to work with Miss Sherri in 1st grade. She is truly a professional when it comes to reading/fluency/and handwriting. I was concerned that tutoring would not be as effective over Zoom vs. in person, however the experience has exceeded our expectations! (She recommended we get a special, budget friendly tool to hold the phone and record my son's writing so she can see over zoom while in session. She also screen shares over zoom at times to mimic a dry erase board so it's easy for my son to follow along) She was able to keep my son engaged, focused and have fun too with some online reading games! She is incredibly patient and does not rush through the session. Miss Sherri has a special teaching method that my son was able to catch on too and we have seen a great improvement from when he started. As well as his confidence with reading, clarity of speech, reading comprehension and neat handwriting!

His teacher at School said he is doing well in this area! His BPST score has greatly improved from Fall to Spring (he is close to meeting the year end benchmark) San Diego Quick, he is a level ahead for word recognition. He averages 90-100% on all his spelling tests at school as well.


I would recommend Miss Sherri to anyone looking to supplement their children's learning at school with a private tutor. She is professional, kind, patient and adds fun too! Her service is very easy to work with via Google Classroom for assignments, homework and testing. Miss Sherri openly communicates where our son is at with his sessions and offers constructive feedback on what we need to work on from home. Our family is very grateful for the services she offers and the help she gives our son! 

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